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Color Blind The Movement® concept is the creation of Kage Njaka, an African American whose passion is largely empathetic in nature, on the one hand, yet on the other it is rooted in the sense that success and change must begin with an unwavering personal commitment which cannot come from violence, manipulation or oppression. Kage has a vision born from the many recent racial tensions and strife throughout the nation.


“We create lasting change by living each and every day in a manner that embodies what we want and how we intend to achieve it.” While Kage doesn’t live with the struggles of his parents and grandparents, he lives with the unwavering ideology that we as a nation must strive for greatness and equality among all, each and every day.


Intolerance and bigotry are rampant today and at Color Blind The Movement ®, we believe it is time to take a stand and make a statement for all. We are aware that racial and social injustice remains a major issue nationwide. We see and hear about it daily.


Kage is devoted to the efforts of Color Blind The Movement ® as a means for increasing public awareness of our need to stand against racism, bias and bigotry in any form. As such, a portion of proceeds will consistently remain allotted to various social programs and policies that are aimed at improving racial and cultural equality.


We invite you to join the movement! We invite you to help bridge the gap and spread the word that colorblindness is a mindset that must persevere!


The Color Blind line of quality clothing holds firm to the spirit of singleness among mankind. Our progressive and stylish designs are always complemented by our dedication to supporting causes which serve the betterment of society as a whole.


In addition to sporting the Color Blind The Movement® apparel, we encourage you to take a stand and strive to make a difference in your community. There are numerous nonprofit organizations that aspire to improving racial and cultural divides and the underlying elements contributing to these conditions. Consider donating your time in their furthering their efforts as we work together in improving racial and cultural tolerance and understanding.



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