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The Color Blind the Movement® vision combines the concepts of style, design and comfort with a soulful ideology that strives to create positive change throughout our communities. As a nation of immigrants, we know there will always be differences among us. The question is, will we harness these differences in ways that can surely strengthen us all as a collective, or will we allow them to continually tear apart at the fabric of society?

​Our vision is one of clarity and purpose, and ultimately we will strive to provide the best in quality and design while never compromising the underlying mission - WE ARE ALL ONE!

​The long term vision entails growing Color Blind The Movement® concept into not only a national brand, but more importantly a national vibe, a way of thought that transcends the realities of today. We will strive to enter communities through both, monetary and actionable support. We will continually spread the word of education, tolerance, understanding and unity among all. Our goal is to reach a level to where 15 to 20 percent of all proceeds go to support a myriad of services and social programs that share our common goal.

We sincerely hope you will help us spread the word of Color Blind The Movement® and support our steadfast efforts in making our communities better.

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